Add-ons to Appetizer’s

Add spring roll: $2.75 each
Add prawn roll: $3.50 each
Add chicken satay: $3.75 each

(only able to add to full orders of each item)

A8 Amarin Combo Plate

Combination of two Spring Rolls, two Chicken Satays, and two Royal Drung Thep Prawns. $19.95

A7 Hua Hin Mussels

Steamed New Zealand mussels simmered in Thai spices. $16.95

A6 Amarin Thai Hot Wings

Juicy wings made with our spicy Thai sauce. $19.95

A5 Nua Dtat Deeo

Crispy dried beef with a tangy Thai dipping sauce. $19.95

A4 Amarin Satay

Skewers of chicken marinated in exotic herbs and spices, barbecued, and served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad (4 satays). $14.95

A3 Mee Grob

A popular Thai appetizer. This crispy rice noodle creation is garnished with prawns and bean sprouts. $15.95

A2 Amarin Spring Rolls

Thai style spring rolls stuffed with minced vegetables, vermicelli and served with special Amarin plum sauce
(4 rolls). $10.95

A1 Royal Krung Thep Prawns

Tiger Prawns rubbed with garlic then wrapped with chicken breast and exotic Thai spices, flash-fried to a golden brown and served with Amarin chili sauce (4 rolls). $13.95