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Side of Brown Rice

Small Brown Rice $4.95* Medium Brown Rice $7.95* Large Brown Rice $9.95* *make it coconut brown rice $1.95

Side of Jasmine Rice

Small Jasmine Rice $3.95* Medium Jasmine Rice $5.95* Large Jasmine Rice $7.95* *make it coconut jasmine rice $1.95

Side Sauce Orders

Amarin Hot Sauce $2.50/oz Amarin Hot Sauce Mason Jar $12 Peanut Sauce $2.50 Plum Sauce $2.50 Cucumber Sauce $2.50

Add-ons to Appetizer’s

Add spring roll: $2.75 each Add prawn roll: $3.50 each Add chicken satay: $3.75 each (only able to add to full orders of each item)

P7 Vegetarian Pad Thai

Pan fried rice noodles with tofu, mixed vegetables and topped with bean sprouts and green onions. $16.95

P6 Pad Himaparn

Sauteed cashew nuts, mixed vegetables all simmered in a sweet and sour tomato sauce. $16.95

P4 Masamau Tofu

A mild Southern Thai curry with tofu, pineapple, and mixed vegetables. $16.95

P3 Pad Tua Hong

Sauteed fresh bean sprouts with tofu and green onions. $16.95